10 tips to lose belly fat

June 17, 2017
Belly fat

Most of us want a flat stomach. Carrying excess kilos in your midsection isn’t good for your health either, and I am not even talking about the extra weight. The main reason is a lack of interest in doing exercise and eating habits.

Is it hard to get a flat tummy? No, but it takes time. Patience pays. Lose the habits that thicken your belly, and you will ultimately trim your belly.

Flat tummy tips

1. Change lifestyle
To get your flat body lifestyle should be changed. Long term is sitting like watching TV; Video gaming should be changed. You should do your work in time intervals instead of working in the same position for long intervals.

2. Zero Calories
Take the things that are of  Zero Calories. Water will be the best choice. Take sufficient intake of water in a day with regular interval. It has no calories, and it helps in burning calories. Extra deposition of fat will dissolve by sufficient water intake. Make it your habit and see the results.

Drink Water Before Meal

3. Drink Water Before Meal
It is highly recommended you that don’t drink water after a meal. Water should be drunk before a meal. Make it your habit. Because drinking after a meal will slow down the digestion and cause an increase in fat.


Walking Habit

4. Walking Habit
Walking is necessary for your better health and in reducing fat. Early morning walk is beneficial. It gives a healthy effect on your skin and helps to lose your belly fat. Make a habit of the daily walk of 20 minutes and gradually increase it. You will lose sufficient amount of belly fat.

5. Avoid Easy Access
If you are worried about your obesity, then you will have to prevent the easy access of such items that can cause obesity. It includes chocolates, chips and fatty products. Do not store these things at home. The easy access of this stuff can cause obesity.

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

6. Raw Fruits and Vegetables
Include such fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. The abundant use of these helps in burning calories and obtaining fibres. Such as Grapefruit, Apple, Green and Red Chillies, Orange, Lemon, Mangoes, Cabbage and Carrots, etc.

7. Stop  Late Night Eating
One of the big bad habits of taking food is late night eating and is a primary cause of deposition of belly fat. Don’t eat at late night. And the night meal should be a light one with low calories. Late night snacks should be avoided it is a hindrance in reducing weights.

8. Avoid Unhealthy Fats
You are trying to reduce your fat then avoid fatty things in food. Try to eat the food which is rich in fibres. Bakery products should be avoided. Make your habit to walk after dinner. It will help you in the digestion of your food and try to sleep early, not at late night.


9. Exercise – Cardio and crunches
Do cardio 15-20 mins a day, five days a week. Do crunches with an exercise ball.

10. Eat Attentively
Always eat carefully. Eating should be done without doing any work. Some people during eating watch TV and read a magazine. This habit can lead towards the overeating. Make your habit to eat attentively to avoid overeating.


To be in shape is a gradual process and any change will take the time to show so, please be patient.

Follow my tips, and you will soon be able to fit back into your favourite pair of jeans while remaining healthy and most importantly happy.

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