My name is Sunil Verma and I live in Sydney  NSW Australia.

After driving taxi in Sydney for the last 6-7 years and sitting in the cab for long hours, I had gained so much extra weight.

I struggled with my weight over the years. I joined a gym and and tried so many diets but found it really hard to lose weight. Then I found Healthdrops. With Healthdrops, I lost 37kg in just over 3 months!

A few years ago I lost my mum due to complications caused by diabetes and being overweight. That’s when I decided that enough was enough, and started serious research into many diets and fitness plans.

In my research, I found Healthdrops and decided to put them together with a simple food plan, choosing foods that would not leave me hungry, but actually enhance the effects of Healthdrops.

With the help of Healthdrops and the right food I had lost 5 kilos within a week. I knew I was on to something.
By day 42 i had lost 14.5 kilos.
At day 84 i had  lost 27 kilos!

After losing weight so successfully, I decided to put the plan to paper and tell the world about it.

Many have found that Healthdrops gives them a 100% success rate in losing weight.

Don’t take my word for it! People from all around the world are using this product with amazing results and you can read their testimonials on our Facebook page. 

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