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  Hi and Welcome To A NEW START with HEALTHDROPS We are super excited that you have come to join us.  If you haven’t started your new Easy Weight Loss Program with us yet please read through some of Clients Testimonials and their Success Stories with great results or Call Us Read More

How Does The Drops Work ??

How Does The Drops Work ?? I often get asked “how does the drops work” This is the best way I can explain it: The way it works is it goes for the fat in your body, not muscle, but fat. The drops access the fat and only the fat Read More

Stalled or Not Losing Weight ??

Stalled or Not Losing Weight ?? A motivating tip for all those who have stalled with their weight loss ‘As your fat cells are open with the drops, a simple carrot or slice of bread can cause you to gain. You can eat plenty of green and white veg from Read More


What is stevia?

What is stevia? Stevis is a sugar substitute that is 100% allowed on the Healthdrops diet. It is all natural and has 0 calories. Other artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Sweet n Low, Nutrasweet and Equal contain toxic ingredients like saccharin, sucralose and aspartame and should not be used while on Read More

Lose Weight Without Exercise | Lose Weight Without Diet : Welcome !


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