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Sunil Verma
Age: 31
Start Weight: 141kg
End Weight: 104kg
Weight Loss: 37kg

After driving taxi in Sydney for the last 6-7 years and sitting in the cab for long hours, I had gained so much extra weight.

I struggled with my weight over the years. I joined a gym and and tried so many diets but found it really hard to lose weight. Then I found Healthdrops. With Healthdrops, I lost 37kg in just over 3 months!


Name: Manmeet Singh
Age: 27
Start Weight: 98.8kg
End Weight: 87.8kg
Weight Loss: 11kg

“I wanted to lose 10kg. I decided to give Healthdrops a go for one month and lost 11kg! Meet from chandigarh





Name: Gurvinder Singh
Age: 34
Start Weight: 99kg
End Weight: 87kg
Weight Loss: 12kg

“I have never been able to stick to a diet, however Australia’s Healthdrops really stands by its Slogan ‘lose the weight without the wait’. I lost 12kgs in a little under 4 weeks. I kept motivated by how quickly the weight dropped off. BEST DIET EVER”



Name: Lianne
Start Weight: 88kg
End Weight: 78kg
Weight Loss: 10kg

“I am so grateful for taking the chance to try your product. I am so happy with my weight now, that I can’t stop staring at myself in the mirror! I lost 10 kgs in 6 weeks!”




: Sylvia
Age: 61
Start Weight: 68kg
End Weight: 59kg
Weight Loss: 9kg

“Having a thyroid problem and trying so many diets, I am so happy to have found something that actually works.”

Lose Weight Without Exercise | Lose Weight Without Diet : Welcome !


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